Lynx Kits

Constantly evolving with their audience, LYNX transitioned its brand position from sexy slapstick to independent cool over 5 years and with every evolutionary leap we have been there to announce their latest brand development.

LYNX Peace brought a new reality to the brand and a need for authenticity, we delivered with a real ammunition case repurposed and loaded with love not war; a tactical pen – mightier than the sword, a grenade speaker, and a dog tag usb with a campaign video promoting LYNX Peace.

With a new focus on style and form, LYNX upgraded their iconic can packaging with an articulated twist head which became the focus of their latest evolution. We celebrated this new chapter with a tome encased in powder coated formed steel, laser engraved and made to last. Setting the stage for their latest product hero.

LYNX Black shifted focus towards the modern man – reimagined and matured. Our launch kit brought a new level of refinement and functionality. Built by master cabinet makers, this kit integrates the digital campaign into a custom made lcd screen, triggered to automatically start when opened, and “Bring the Quiet” when closed. Mixed materials are the focus here with laser cut stainless steel and Italian vinyl surfaces creating a tactile reveal.

The kit is designed with an extended product use lifecycle, once the contents are removed it becomes a male grooming caddy.