Lipton Ice Tea Straw Dispenser

With an existing display overpowered by competing point of sale, Lipton Ice Tea looked to us to deliver a solution that updated their straw dispenser to focus consumer attention back to the brand.

Initially charged with creating two products; a straw dispenser and a bottle glorifier, we identified an opportunity to create a single product to satisfy both needs. Combining the function and benefits of both units into a single product resulted in an immediate cost saving for Lipton Ice Tea with a halving of manufacturing costs.  By creating an integrated bottle glorifier with the function of a straw dispenser, we ensured this display and the Lipton Ice Tea brand is always in reach of the customer and at eye level.

Innovation in Product Design.

Our goal was to ensure only one straw was dispensed at a time, so we completely redesigned how straw dispensers are constructed, and reduced the entire unit to 4 parts. Future proofing the unit with a modular lid which is easily replaceable to fit a new bottle design – so you only change the lid not the entire unit.