Holden Special Vehicles is a company that has successfully combined the best new technologies with distinctive HSV styling, to create cars Australians love to drive. As part of HSV’s ongoing customer relationship management with HSV owners we were asked to create four bespoke gift solutions with the following themes; Adventure, Outdoor, Prestige and Fast Lane

We selected products and materials that would evoke emotions and a tactile response. Anodised Aluminium for Adventurer, Raw Wood for Outdoor, Carbon Fibre for Fast Lane and Leather for Prestige.

The 14 week development and delivery of the program resulted in 15 individual HSV products that were all branded utilising 9 unique logo branding processes. 12 individual manufactures were engaged throughout 4 countries.

Following the success of the gift box sets, we scaled up the program in year two with a universal offering of co-ordinated travel luggage.