Bulliet Influencer Kits

Passionate about authenticity and independence, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey needed a hero to introduce their range to a new Australian audience.

Inspired by the honest raw materials and hand crafted workmanship behind the making of Bulleit whiskey, we created a truly unique influencer kit in a limited edition of 100 cases.

Designed and made locally in Melbourne, with solid hardwoods crafted by master cabinet makers and strapped with full grain hide by our local cordwainer, this kit brought weight and tangible impact to a strategic social media campaign.

Initially charged with creating a case, we encouraged the brand team to discover the process and share the making of the case, a story just as important as the finished product. We opened our studios and workshops to share the craft and skill behind the product on youtube, which became an integral component to the story.

National Campaign, International Appeal.

The successful Instagram campaign gained 215K likes and 24K comments on the post with 40K+ new followers in 10 months.